Interns will receive $27,295 in annual wages. The internship year begins on August 10 and ends on August 9 of the following year.

University Benefits

As Non-exempt University Staff, doctoral interns will receive full university benefits including leave time, insurance, and retirement investments. Detailed information can be found on the Human Resources website at Employees of Virginia Tech must make a mandatory employee contribution to a designated retirement account for the Plan Year equal to 5 percent of the employee’s compensation. In turn, Virginia Tech contributes 8.5 percent of the employee’s salary into the Retirement Plan. Refer to  and for additional details.

Additional Benefits

  • Interns are allowed two hours per week of research time that may be used either for in-house research or dissertation completion
  • Interns are eligible to purchase a faculty/staff parking permit
  • Interns may obtain staff library privileges
  • Interns may utilize recreational facilities at McComas Student Health and Fitness Center as well as War Memorial Gym
  • Interns may be approved to attend off-site workshops or conferences at the discretion of the training director, as well as other on-campus continuing education activities sponsored by Cook Counseling Center.
  • As employees of Virginia Tech, interns are covered in the performance of their professional duties under the university liability policy

The Facility

Cook counseling Center and Schiffert Health Center are located in McComas Hall. The building also houses Recreational Sports. Resources within the facility include:

  • A private office equipped with a desktop computer, printer and Ethernet access
  • Virginia Tech email account
  • Senior staff and intern offices have ceiling-mounted video cameras and microphones. Live observation and video playback is possible from any staff office via an internal cable network
  • Each office is equipped with a panic button for added security

Administrative and Technical Support

Interns enjoy the same access to clerical support as the senior staff with front office staff available to answer phones and schedule client appointments. In addition, clerical assistance is available with the scoring of some psychological tests.

Access to Division of Student Affairs IT staff is available to assist all staff with computer hardware and software issues, as well as with questions about web design.


Information about childcare options, as well as information about schools, health care and counseling services in the New River Valley can be obtained through Hokie Wellness at Virginia Tech.